March 01, 2017

Each month we will be bringing you the coolest kids in the creative world, sharing you their talents and lots of other rad stuff including Insta Giveaways! 
THIS IS SARAH DARBY – ONE OF A KIND DENIM @oneofakind.denim and she is our #RESDENIMCREATIVE of the month!
She is a all round fashion babe - Illustrator, Artist and Denim Customizer.

Who are you and what do you do?

I'm a fashion illustrator and I create custom designs on denim 

Describe your personal artistic style in 3 words?

I have a bit of a split personality! When I’m working on denim - moody, tough but feminine but Im illustrating fashion - cute, pretty and fun.

What inspires you?

The contents of second hand book stores, crazy couture and tattoo artists

Who is your style icon?

Caroline de Maigret - looks like she is too cool to care about anything

 What is your favourite denim item?

To wear, I'm loving high waist cropped pants like the RES Denim Kitty Crop Raw in 1977 Vintage. 

What do you do in your free time?

Make paper dolls with my kids and chase them at the beach

What does 2017 have in store for you?

So much. The jacket designs are going so well that I’ve had to bring someone in to help! But first - a 6 week trip to California!!! 

How can we find you and your work? 

Denim creations are at and @oneofakind.denim and exclusively at retailer FROWTRIBE

Illustrations are at and @sarahdarbyfashionillustration



Scrabble or Twister - TWISTER

Burgers or Pizza - No, It would be like having to choosing a favourite child!!!

Tropical Holiday or City Getaway - Tropical please

Crunchie or Snickers - Snickers

Dawson’s Creek or The OC - The OC - and Im making a special trip from LA next month to see it even!

Teleport or Read Minds - Read minds - everyone is naughtier than they look.

 Would you rather live in Ramsey Street from Neighbours or Summer Bay from Home and Away? Summer Bay

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