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We are sooo... excited to announce our partnership with Brigette Cooper from Northern NSW, the iconic Australian model and now RES Denim MUSE for Spring 19.

We love everything about Bee; her rock chic style, her stunning looks and relaxed Aussie girl approach, not to mention how much we adored working with her on this campaign.

“She was the perfect fit for our Spring 19 MUSE campaign with her likeness to the brand. A quintessential Aussie female, with a passion for denim, a true love of music, art and fashion mixed with individuality, an adventurous spirit and a cult like following”

We asked Bee Cooper a couple of questions to give you a chance to know some more about our MUSE.

Let’s get straight into it, you were part of RES Denim’s latest campaign for Spring 19 and it’s no secret you looked amazing in the collection - What was your favourite moment from shooting the campaign? ahhhh...the moment I had to stand with a seriously melting ice cream on a 39 degree day in front of everyone in St Kilda! It was pretty funny trying to lick an ice cream and keep it from dripping all over me and get the shot first go... It worked out in the end!

You’ve worked across so many different fashion brands, what made this campaign and hanging with the RES team different and so much fun? I think just the overall relaxed vibe and energy from everyone involved, it’s so great when work doesn’t feel like work. We had the perfect day, racing around Melbournes iconic spots like (The Espie, Lona Bar and St Kilda Baths and Beach).

Has anyone ever told you you look like the modern day Brigitte Bardot?Haha yes, all the time. Love her so much! It is a real compliment.

How do you feel about being a RES muse? Excited, honoured 😬 thank you!! I love their jeans and style, so it was a perfect fit ( for me.

What piece of denim can’t you live without? Everyone needs that one perfect pair of jeans. My absolute favourites from this collection are the Harrys Hi Crop Skinny Jeans in Icy Blue - they’re Rock’n roll, so comfy and made me feel super sexy. They look amazing with the RES MUSE tee and biker boots!

Describe your everyday style? Umm, it changes everyday but always cowboy boots with everything!! A little bit tough and edgy with a sexy and feminine twist - all my favourite looks mixed together.

Where is your favourite place to travel? Europe - Anywhere in Europe during Summer.

What makes you proud to be Australian? Just how easy and beautiful life is here, we are very very lucky!

Let’s dive deep into your own style guide! Can you give us a few personalised style tips? How would you describe your style? It can changes a lot - one day it’s a pretty sun dress, the next it’s oversized band tee with denim cut-offs but always paired with western boot.

“Wear what makes you feel good and love because you always look better when you believe in your own style”

Who is your style icon? I have a few: Denim queen Erin Wasson, MUSE herself, Jane Birkin &  the beautiful Emily Ratajkowski.

Who would you most like to have dinner with? Someone who doesn’t talk too much haha.

Who are you listening to right now? True crime Podcasts - they are my favourite for time I have on my own. Working out, chilling out - anytime really!

We have seen your billboard on the road to Splendour near Byron, we bet this stops traffic - How did you feel when you saw it? Super excited, I didn’t realise the billboard would be down the road from where I live, so I get to see it a lot! I had to stop and take a pic in front of it - check it out on my insta @beecooper, its pretty cool.

What’s next in the works for Bee Cooper? My wedding! 😬 Just recently engaged!! Sooo excited.

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